Below is a selection of projects I have undertaken. For my complete portfolio, visit my Spiceworks portfolio

Roberts-LaForge Library Home Page

Here is the main home page for the Roberts-LaForge Library. We undertook a redesign project in 2014. It was a collaborative effort between several faculty and staff members of the library with the Systems department leading the way. The new design took advantage of the WordPress platform and organized information in a more efficient manner.

Charles W. Capps Jr. University Archives

In 2013, the Systems department of the library, working in conjunction with the Department of Communications and Marketing, helped to redesign the home page for the Delta State University Archives. The final page increased usability and facilitated easier navigation.

Delta State University Gender Studies Group Home Page

In 2014, the Delta State University Gender Studies Group undertook a redesign of its web page. Our aim was to reorganize information to facilitate better usability and navigation. We also added sections to display upcoming and past events as well as archived meeting minutes.